Message from CEO

Economic center will move to Asia

The rapid growth of Asian economies has attracted the world's attention. As the high rate of growth in the Asian market is expected to continue, the center of the global economics has been gradually shifting towards Asia.

Growth and opportunities in China

On the other end of the growth spectrum is Japan, a member of Asia, however, is predicted to face prolonged stagnation in the future due to the aging population and declining birthrate. Japanese companies are gradually shifting their business focus from domestic market to those of Asia in order to explore new business opportunities.

Consulting that leverages the strength

China especially, is expected to steadily grow with its population of over 200million. China's actual GDP per capita
has already exceeded 5,000 dollars. It is considered by Japanese companies as the real "consumers market" for
high-quality products and services they can provide.

All branches of Chinese market are maturing, and their infrastructure is ready for effective sales promotions.

MK Trust has not only cooperated with top enterprises in various industries of China, but also constructed strong and solid relationship with the government. We offer strategic planning and business development services to Japanese companies that are focusing on capturing business opportunities in Chinese market.
We'd like to sail onboard along with our clients, chartering the course for the Japanese companies with the further
development and expansion of business in Asia in all aspects.

Miky Kambara