We provide various solutions for the complicated yet
seamless business in China.

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Solution 1 〈B社〉 中国事業拡大支援

Sample of expansion support for Chinese business by a large language school

We supported: market research in China, determining the business development strategy, selection of partner, and practical support for the business expansion.

Description of the client and related companies

Company B

Company B owns and provides to over 70 countries highly advanced language education material suited for from children to business people by developing excellent schools and expansive network. It is aiming for business expansion in China by providing language lessons to kids.

Company T

As a large chain of Chinese cram school, Company T has approximately 4,000 locations in China, where about 8 million students have registered. It has expansive educational channels through the school locations and over the internet.

Description of the structure


Description of Our support

  • ● Company B was looking to expand business by establishing more locations in China to grow its business there. It was, however, having trouble with increasing locations, hiring teachers from outside, and obtaining working visas for their teachers.
Description of
Business Consulting
  • ● We suggested business expansion by effective utilization of educational material with added value and by strategic partnering in China, rather than adding more physical locations for English classes.
  • ● We supported the interaction with Company T, which would be our client's strategic partner.
  • ● We supported the business after the partnerships.
  • ● We assisted in obtaining license (ICP registration) for conducting language training on the web in China.
  • ※ At the same time, we realized additional investment from our partner companies to Company T, which was looking for more financial infusion that was needed for the expansion.
  • ● Company B developed online and off-line educational program as a part of Company T's educational contents.
  • ● By utilizing Company B's global network, students at Company T was able to send its students to study overseas.

Support Process

Solution 2 〈I社〉 の中国進出(&撤退)

Example of Chinese business by a hotel reservation website

We supported a Japanese company in establishing a partnership company, obtaining Chinese license, negotiating with a potential partner, and in its withdrawal.

Description of the client and related companies

Company I

Company I runs a reservation website for exclusive hotels and inns. It selects the accommodations by its own standard, and has a reputation as a trusted source for the exclusive hotels by its users.

Company M

Company M runs a corporate membership resort by developing and managing hotels for 40 years.

Company P

Media conglomerate based in Hong Kong covering the Chinese market. It provides programs to 150 countries, mostly aimed at business elites and executives. Chosen among the top 20 most respected companies in China for 7 consecutive years.

Description of the Structure


Description of Our Support

  • ● Internet hotel reservation market is underdeveloped within China. Maximum growth can be expected as the internet/mobile phone infrastructure is developed.
  • ● Demand for luxury hotels is increasing.
Status of Company I
  • ● Eying the Chinese market.
  • ● ICP (Internet Contents Provider) licence is necessary to do business in China. No license is granted to outside investors. The license application process is complicated and needs outside support.
Description of
Business Consultation
  • ● Support for the partner company on the Japanese side and the Chinese corporation.
  • ● Assisted in obtaining ICP license.
  • ● Introducing Company P and supported in negotiation.
  • ● Supported in the withdrawal form the Chinese market (without any penalties).

Support Process